Curry Chicken Dumplings

Curry Chicken Dumplings

Curry Chicken Dumplings

Ingredients A:
250g bamboo leaves(soaked overnight, washed)
Nylon strings

Ingredients B:
2kg glutinous rice(washed, Soak for 4 hrs and drained)
1.5kg coconut Milk
4 tsp salt
8 pcs pandan Leaf

* 2 pieces banana leaves for lining tray

Ingredients C: (Blended)
20 pcs dried Chilli (wash, soak with hot water to soften, drained)
150g shallot (skinned)
50g garlic (skinned)
4 stalk lemon Grass (use only about ½ inch from root portion )
15g kunyit (skinned)
75g lengkuas (skinned)
25g buah keras
Balachan : 15g

Ingredients D:
3 stalk curry leaves (washed)

Ingredients E:
1.5kg chicken flesh (skinned removed, diced)
½kg potato (peeled, diced)

Ingredients F:
225g thick coconut milk


  1. Divide glutinous rice into 2 portion, spread into 2 tray pre-lined with banana leaf, pour 750g coconut milk into each, mix with 2 tsp salt each, top with 4 pieces of pandan leaves, steam over high flame for 20 min, open wok/pot cover, use a pair of chop stick to loosen glutinous rice, continue to steam for another 20 min, remove and set aside for use later.
  2. Heat up suitable amount of oil, fry pre-blended Ingredients C and curry leaves till cooked and aromatic.
  3. Add chicken and potato, fry till half cooked.
  4. Pour in thick coconut milk, simmer till cooked and gravy absorbed, season to taste, dish up.
  5. Take 2 pieces of bamboo leaves, fold to form a pyramid shape.
  6. Put 1 tbsp of glutinous rice into it, dig a hole in the centre, add pre-fried fillings, cover with another tbsp of glutinous rice, wrap up, tighten with nylon string.
  7. Put into a steamer, steam for 15 min over high flame.

Recipe source: My cookbook

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